When we sat down with gallerist Sarah Miller almost a year ago today, she explained that her contemporary East Bay gallery would be “a little different from anything else in Charleston…Everything has good energy, it’s fun.”

Time and experience tend to alter our perceived realities — maybe different and fun would morph into humdrum and snoozy, or maybe it would become something even better than could ever be expected. Lucky for Miller, and Charleston, we have the latter.

One year in and the gallery has had 10 exhibit openings, a dozen (at least) private events, a succesfull collaboration with Greenville, S.C.’s Art and Light Gallery, eight yoga classes, and wall-to-wall filling concerts. Repping more than a dozen roster artists — Amanda Krantz, Laura Dargan, Kate Hooray Osmond, Charlotte Filbert, Miles Purvis, Dixie Purvis, Teresa Roche, Jo Hay, Marina Dunbar, JP Shepard, Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, Julian Martinez, Olivia Bonilla, and Mary Ann Forehand — plus local jewelry maker Naked Eyes, the Miller Gallery is more colorful than Rainbow Row and far more approachable, too.

All the roster artists will have new or pretty darn new pieces on display during ONE! They’re all bright and celebratory — Dargan’s “One Way Ticket” looks like a glass half full of sunshine, or maybe the hull of ship thinking about setting sail, waiting a spell in a cozy harbor.

“This year has been wonderful,” says Miller. “I’ve learned so much, people have been really receptive. It feels really good when people say ‘This is my first time in a gallery,’ that they felt comfortable enough to come in, that it didn’t intimidate you to walk in the door.”

Miller says her “art for all” mission has worked out both visually and price point wise. Naked Eyes created an entire line of lacquered brass jewelry for the gallery — which sells at a lower price than their sterling silver offerings — Roche has unframed pieces for sale, and Osmond has done a whole series of embellished giclée prints. While Miller seems to have done it all this past year, she says for 2018-19 she’d like to do more collaborations, have live art shows where artists can create in the gallery and visit with people, and have more nonprofit focused events.

The one year anniversary party kicks off at 5 p.m. with bubbles, Bib.on donuts, and so much new and fun art you’ll be hard pressed to leave empty handed.