MILLER GALLERY | Big + Small: Art for All

Join the Miller Gallery for the opening reception of Big + Small, a curated selection of works of all sizes, prices, and genres. Art buyers can delight in works like Charlotte Filbert’s bold, abstract pieces; Liv Antonicchia’s ‘iconic’ donut paintings; and Robin Howard’s nostalgic assemblages. The best part about these works-of-all-sizes shows is that you can pick what kind of gift you may want for your friends or family (something mid-size and reasonably priced, mayhaps) and even for yourself (big and beautiful).

Fri. Dec. 7 from 5-8 p.m. Free to attend. Miller Gallery, 149 1/2 East Bay St. Downtown. millergallerychs.com



Case Jernigan’s Lightboxes features light bleeding through cutouts and drawings. Jernigan grew up in Charleston, studied classical history and painting at William & Mary and The New York Studio School. Jernigan has been commissioned by the New York Times, The Guardian, Kate Spade New York, Adidas, and more. In a recent interview Jernigan said, “Drawing generates momentum and fleshes out ideas. Drawing can be a focus or preparatory exercise, or a means of art making in itself. Paper cutting and animating often feel like craft to me, whilst painting feels the most poetic. But that poetry can often become self-indulgent in my hands. Drawing always feels right and good, and often I take what I’ve drawn and convert it into something else — be it a cutout, a series of quick shot animations that I can loop, or a backspace to overlay animation on top.”

Fri. Dec. 7 from 5-8 p.m. Free to attend. Corrigan Gallery, 7 Broad St. Downtown. corrigangallery.com

DOG & HORSE ART GALLERY | Unsliced: Turkeys Off the Plate

Sybil Fix, a Charleston artist and writer, paints birds in order to free them from the invisibility to which they have been relegated by our insatiable appetites and dulled sense of observation. Her work seeks to highlight and sensitize us to the wonderful presence of birds. Her paintings, which reveal a deep love of her subject, invite the viewer to consider another being in its innate truth rather than through the lens of human use.

Fri. Dec. 7 at 5 p.m. Free to attend. Dog & Horse Art Gallery, 102 Church St. Downtown. dogandhorsefineart.com


MEYER VOGL | Plunge: A Group Exhibition

The Meyer Vogl Gallery presents Plunge, a group exhibition inspired by water, with artists taking their inspiration from the wet stuff. Participating artists include Laurie Meyer, Sandy Ostrau, Diane Eugster, and more. Viewers can enjoy moody seascapes, abstract paintings influenced by the movement of liquids, and portraits of water-seeking sunbathers. Bonus: While you’re at Meyer Vogl, be sure to check out their third annual small works show, with art that’s all under $1,000.

Fri. Dec. 7, 5-8 p.m. Free to attend. Meyer Vogl Gallery, 122 Meeting St. Downtown. meyervogl.com