Yes, it’s Wednesday. You’ll have to forgive my CSA Tuesday post being a day late. I’ve been catering to whiny, sick children all week.

When the big green CSA box arrived yesterday, I still had plenty of banana peppers, acorn squash, beets, and the like left over from the previous week. I had gone out of town with instructions for my house-sitting mom to take anything she thought might go bad and cook it. She made eggplant marinara but left the banana peppers and just about everything else, including some greens that were wilted beyond hope when I returned home.

Not feeling quite up to a lavish production, what with the sick kids and all, I cranked the oven up to 425 and put a bunch of veggies in there to roast. I had two acorn squash, four beets, a red onion, and a handful of red potatoes. I tossed them in a bit of salt and olive oil and shoved them in the oven and forgot about them for nearly an hour — which was a bit too long. The squash scorched around the edges. But at my house, we eat kitchen disasters, and this one wasn’t all that disastrous. When I scraped the squash out of the shell, I avoided as much of the burnt part as I could and added a bunch of honey and butter to the mash to compensate for any burnt taste. (Mike Lata I am not.) I quartered the beets, sprinkled them with sea salt, and plopped it on the table to an appreciative family. My seven year old goes crazy for beets — which is funny to me because the only beets I remember encountering as a kid came in a jar.

We also had some green beans from the box and grilled pork tenderloin (from the freezer — purchased pre-buy-local-month at Costco). All in all, it was a simple weeknight dinner, and we were glad to have it after a weekend in the NC mountains.

Other local food in the box this week: more acorn squash, collards, green tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, spaghetti squash, and more banana and bell peppers (what am I going to do with these things!)