Two companies are expanding their operations in North Charleston, planning to invest nearly $30 million and create more than 81 new jobs in the coming years.

On Tuesday, Cummins Inc. announced that it would spend $24 million to expand a research and development facility in North Charleston where the company tests diesel, natural gas, and biofuel engines. This investment is expected to generate 31 jobs over an indeterminate amount of time.

Gary Johnson, operations manager of Cummins Technical Center, said in a press release that an important factor in the decision was the fact that the company’s existing facility was capable of being renovated to double capacity. He also thanked government for cooperating.

“A package put together by state and local officials, access to a skilled workforce, and community amenities capable of drawing skilled workers in the future all played an important role in our decision,” Johnson said.

On Wednesday, Streit USA Armoring announced it would spend $5.8 million to move from a leased building on Fain Street to a new facility in the Palmetto Commerce Park and hire more than 50 employees in the next three years. Streit is an international company that retrofits consumer cars with armor plating. Its customers tend to be military contractors and, occasionally, celebrities and wealthy people. The new facility will allow four new production lines and double the manufacturing space to 75,000 square feet. Vice President Eric Carlson said the company was expanding to keep up with demand.

Charleston County Council Chairman Teddie Pryor hailed the news in a press release.

“This dynamic company occupies a very unique security market niche,” Pryor said, “and we are gratified to have them expand their operations in North Charleston during such trying economic times.”

To apply for jobs at Cummins, visit To learn more about working at Streit, visit the company website.