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After not using its kitchen for seven years, downtown dive Cutty’s is making food one of its main attractions in March with a 5-day weekly lineup of local chefs. Look for vegan, Lowcountry, Japanese, Spanish and Italian cuisine from Sunday through Thursday starting at 6 p.m. 

The Cutty’s kitchen sat vacant for all those years — aside from a brief four-month stint where it served sushi — general manager Sarah Griffith told the City Paper, but the pandemic gave them a reason to fire up the burners again. 

“When we first started rolling out pop-ups back in December, it really started with the shutdown and reopening back in August,” Griffith said. “We were no longer able to continue with our programs of live music, and we had a bustling comedy series, trivia, drag shows, and we weren’t able to do any of that suddenly.” 

According to Griffith, once red sauce pop-up Lupara started gaining popularity, “Other people started reaching out, which was really humbling.” 

Katsu hot dog from Yoko’s Dirty Dogs | Yoko’s Instagram

Moving forward, each month will feature a weekly lineup of pop-ups that will take over the kitchen on specific days, so patrons can know what to expect for the full month. Griffith said she’s already booking folks for April and May. The lineup in March will be the following: 

  • Sundays: plant-based cuisine from Atoon owner Justin Booher (Amor Healing Kitchen)
  • Mondays: Lowcountry fare from Middleton Made Cuisines owner Marcus Middleton 
  • Tuesdays: Japanese hot dogs, ramen and burgers from Yoko’s Dirty Dogs owner Ian Miller (Delaney Oyster House) 
  • Wednesdays: Spanish-inspired dishes from The Castejons owners Alfonso and Rachel Castejon Moya 
  • Thursdays: Handmade pastas and red sauce from Lupara owners Mason Morton and James Ostop 

Griffith isn’t the only one pleased with the pop-ups to date — she said Cutty’s regulars have been “really excited about it.” 

“Everybody is a little resistant to change, but this was an easy sell. The food has really been selling itself,” she said. “Hopefully this will give a bunch of pop-ups people aren’t too familiar with a jumping-off point.”  

For more information, follow Cutty’s on Instagram @cuttyselliotboroughbar.