Sticky bun topped with Bentons bacon
  • Robert Moss
  • Lamb bacon over mole with radishes, Brussels sprouts, and green herbs

Josh and Heather Keeler have been getting a lot of notice lately for the lunches and dinners they’re turning out at Two Boroughs Larder, and Saturday morning they lured a slate of festival goers to their restaurant on Coming Street to see what they could do at breakfast-time.

No omelets or hashbrowns here. The meal opened with crisp, flavorful chunks of lamb bacon served over a dark pool of chocolate-tinged mole with radishes, Brussels sprouts, and bright green herbs on top. Josh followed that up with an insanely rich bowl of 17th-century style Brewster oats topped with two disks of rabbit loin, long, tender shred of rabbit confit, and an over-easy fried egg.

Here’s a tip for home cooks: want to make a fresh-baked, syrupy-sweet sticky bun even more flavorful? Sprinkle crumbles of salty, smoky Benton’s bacon over the top when you serve it.

No, this is not your typical breakfast fare, but washed down with a couple of cups of strong black coffee, it got my Saturday off to a brilliant start.