[image-1]Stand-up comedian and prolific TV host D.L. Hughley brings his astute political commentary and spot-on observations to Charleston as part of his Friends and Family tour, which heads to the North Charleston Performing Arts Center on Sat. Dec. 16 at 8 p.m. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Fri. Nov. 10.

In addition to his roles as comedian and TV star, Hughley is also the author of I Want You to Shut the F*ck Up, and the creator and star of the satirical documentary special for Comedy Central, D.L. Hughley: The Endangered List. Learn all about Hughley and his upcoming tour and projects at realdlhughley.com.

In recent VladTV interviews, Hughley spoke on a variety of topics including the controversy over his tweet last year about the deaths of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.
At the time, Hughley caught a lot of flack for his tweet. In the VladTV interview he says, “Black people ain’t gonna die cause they kids do. We’re sad. We’ll get you a T-shirt, but we ain’t goin’ nowhere. It [the tweet] wasn’t an assessment on someone else. I tell jokes. Sometimes people get them, sometimes they don’t. I don’t necessarily care what the effect is.”