Saturday night’s Brazil Bash 7 proved to be an all-out “festa” from beginning to end. Held again at The Daily Dose, the Bash made us feel more like we were in a Latin American beach bar than in Charleston. Each Brazil Bash is an opportunity for Capoeira Charleston to show off their growth in the Brazilian martial art.

As the packed house of patrons danced to DJ Trail Mix’s bossa nova, samba, and hip-hop blends, Capoeira Charleston periodically broke through the crowd to perform sets. First, they arrived in grass skirts and facepaint, beating wooden sticks to the beat of the floor drum. The second time they wore athletic clothes. The team created a circle on the floor, as two people entered at a time. Kicks spun around like cyclones, as the dancers dueled in acrobatics. Some stood on their heads, legs open wide, while others back-flipped through the air.

After the Capoeira match, Quenia Ribeiro danced — the world-famous samba dancer flew in from New York just for the Bash. Ribeiro paraded onto the floor decked in samba gear: a feather headdress and teeny weeny beaded bikini. A fire spinner performed after Ribeiro, and then the crowd danced, as if the world were to end tomorrow. More than just a culture blast, Brazil Bash 7 was an awe-inspiring display of physical potential. That within each person exists an opportunity to thrive, and in doing so, truly celebrate life.