The Apple Dumpling Gang is still at large. Police have no suspects for the gumming up of some 70 retail store locks downtown.

The P&C says no new tax holidays for gun owners (who really don’t need the incentive).

The College of Charleston’s Joe Kelly gets a snap for his take on Clemson’s furlough plans.

Clemson is paying its football coach $6 million not to show up for work, but its faculty will show up for work without getting paid.

And elsewhere:


Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in Savannah to stump for Saxby Chambliss yesterday. Disappointed in search for Saks Fifth Avenue, but happy that she could see South Carolina from her hotel balcony. We’ll see you in two years, governor.



With strapped cash in Georgia, one key state senator is proposing the merger of historically black schools with nearby majority white campuses. Eight years ago, Gov. Mark Sanford ran on the issue of consolidating college campuses in communities where there’s an evident duplication of services. Ain’t happened yet. Good luck, Georgia.

State legislators from Beaufort County want to bring more state funding to Lowcountry schools. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen by taking money from other districts and that silence you hear in Columbia is our coastal delegation shaking the piggy bank.