On Friday night, Redux Contemporary Art Center hosted the opening of a much-anticipated exhibit featuring works by James Marshall, aka Dalek (above, with Redux’s Jessie Bower and new director Karen Myers). More specifically, the show features a completely redone gallery — the artist was given the white walls and floors of the space to use as his canvas. As a former intern, I jumped at the chance to volunteer at the show. The place filled up quickly, and I headed upstairs to get some crowd shots, running right into Dalek himself. He was sitting alone in the dark with a beer, escaping the hype downstairs for awhile. And after working 16-hour days for a week straight then answering to the largest crowd Redux has ever seen for an opening, I couldn’t blame him. On view until March 7, Broken, Beaten & Buried, is the result of a collaboration between Dalek and a group of 10 local artists under his direction. From ceiling to floor, the installation creates a kind of hypnotic arrest of neon turquoise, pink, and yellow with floors painted black to reflect it. Stop by to see it for yourself.