It’s hard to put into words how much this video, titled “Pizza Party for Life,” changed our morning. It was just a dreary Wednesday until the crew at D’Allesandro’s Pizza dropped this piping-hot, triple-topping masterpiece of a music video.

Crab Claw’s Walker Trull leads this rocking romp through the St. Philip Street pizza place. Created by Toucan Films, a new production project from Trull and Drew Gardner, the video features a lot of familiar faces from the music community, including She Returns From War’s Hunter “Honey” Park, members of Ka-tet and Brave Baby, the High Divers’ Luke Mitchell, and Royal Tinfoil’s Mackie Boles. Johnny Delaware gets a mention for “doin’ dishes” and is probably the wacky air-guitar guy, too.

“Pizza Party for Life” premiered last night at Local 616, where She Returns from War and Ka-tet performed. The party also came complete with a mountain of pizza from, well, where else? We really can’t describe everything that goes down in the video, so we’ll just let you watch it here. 

Oh yeah, one more thing. We hear those pizza T-shirts are for sale at D’Al’s. Yes.