Gangsters, molls, and flappers mobbed the upstairs rooms of McCrady’s on New Year’s Eve for a Prohibition Bash. The joint was replete with multiple bars and plenty of free-flowing hooch. Partygoers took the opportunity to dress up in ’20s gear, donning feathers, fringe, and Tommy guns as they danced the decade away.

At midnight, a champagne toast marked the hour as the crowd drank and did the Charleston into the wee hours.

At some point, trays of snacks made their way through the crowd. The treats from Chef Sean Brock included an amazing steamed pork bun modeled after one served at Momofuku in NYC and a stupendous Wagyu beef slider. It was the real McCoy, I tell ya. Deviled eggs were also passed around.

Of course, for some revelers, the food was too little too late, and Unity Alley was littered with the swaying bodies of those who were tanked. Not very gangster.

Overall, the party was a fun way to say goodbye to a shitty decade and remind us that, even though we’re living through a volatile period in history, at least we can still drink with impunity. And how.