Not that Charlestonians need an excuse to visit the liquor store, but on Wednesday evening, they certainly had one. Dan Aykroyd, an original Blues Brother and Ghostbuster, visited Burris Liquors on Meeting Street to promote his new venture, Crystal Head Vodka. Starting around 2:30 p.m., fans of Aykroyd and vodka alike lined up from the liquor store all the way to Spring Street to cough up $50 on a skull-shaped bottle of magic vodka signed by Aykroyd. Here’s the kicker: the bottle is a replica of the mysterious 13 crystal heads of the world (if you’ve seen the last Indiana Jones movie, it’s almost as cheesy).

Although scheduled to start signing at 4, the actor strolled in an hour later from his gleaming, white megavodkabus dressed in golfing attire fit for a Hell’s Angel. Shades on, Aykroyd autographed bottles and body parts, stopping every so often to reassure skeptics of the "quadruple distilled purity" that makes the 25 ounces of vodka so special. Worth it? Although we can’t vouch for it, for those who came from cities as far as Daytona Beach, we sure hope so.

With all that signing and vodka in mind, Aykroyd, who owns vineyards, bars, restaurants, and now a distillery, naturally hosted his own bar crawl. Apparently Mad River and Big John’s showed him a pretty good time, because he never appeared at Blind Tiger or Torch, much to the chagrin of his waiting fans. Perhaps he drank too much Crystal Skull and went to sleep it off at Bill Murray’s beach house? Wherever he ended up, we’re guessing when your vodka is selling at $300 a case, the hangover isn’t nearly as harsh.