Local trio Dangermuffin wrap up a lengthy stint in Colorado this weekend. Guitarists Dan Lotti and Mike Sivilli and drummer Jim Donnelly spent two weeks playing in and around the Denver area — small venues and large — and they apparently made quite an impression.

[image-1]City Paper’s Stratton Lawrence spoke with Lotti recently (see his full report in “Pulse” in next week’s music pages). “Dangermuffin may have found their mecca in the thin air of the Rockies,” Strat says. “Two weeks ago, the trio flew to Denver with only their guitars and cymbals, then rented a van, drum kit, and equipment for a seat-of-their-pants tour through the state. Their open schedule worked to their advantage — they landed an opening gig for DJ Logic at an after party for the Jazz Aspen festival, where the lauded turntablist even joined them on stage for two songs and guitarist Cameron Williams of Tishamingo sat in for the entire set. The band lucked out again, filling in for their three festival performances, including one immediately prior to Widespread Panic taking the stage.”

Dangermuffin is scheduled to perform a free at Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ on Tues. Sept. 16, and a set during the all-day “Follypalooza” street party scheduled for Sat. Sept. 20 on Center Street on Folly Island.

(photo by Stratton Lawrence)