[embed-1]Sunday night marks the debut of Vice Principals, the newest TV show to be shot in Charleston. The Danny Mcbride-starring comedy will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on HBO. But this series will be a little different than the others — it already has a definitive end.

Vice Principals co-creator McBride told Variety last week that after the show wraps up the 18-episode cable TV series — it’ll be spread over two seasons — that’s it for the Charleston show.

McBride and his writing partner Jody Hill reportedly wrote Vice Principals initially as screenplay a decade ago, but it took that long to beef it up and get around to filming it. When they did, crews spread across the area last fall filming the show in Park Circle, at Stall High School, Porter-Gaud, Edmund’s Oast, and Taco Boy, among other locations.

The show documents a single school year at North Jackson High School and the principal politics between McBride and the inimitable Walton Goggins who are jockeying to replace the outgoing top dog, played by Bill Murray.

For the record, we’re just going to go ahead and say that we predicted the show’s limited run back in April of last year when McBride called the show an “18-part miniseries.” OK, he kind of spelled it out, but now it’s official. Tune in on Sunday.