Mama's Boys serves up an "Italian-ish" sub | Provided

Daps Breakfast & Imbibe owners Nick Dowling and Jeremiah Schenzel are putting their spin on Italian and meatball subs, hot dogs and more with Mama’s Boys Sandwich Emporium, a ghost kitchen that will operate out of the 280 Ashley Ave. space Daps calls home. Starting this week, Mama’s Boys will be open for takeout Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., and the duo will venture out for pop-ups at other local establishments, Dowling and Schenzel told the City Paper Monday. 

“My mom always made delicious sandwiches for our lunches growing up and since I was in culinary school, I wanted a restaurant that was an ode to my mom,” Dowling said. “I love my mom and I love sandwiches. Jeremiah feels the same way about his mom and sandwiches, so we put our heads together and started building the sandwich menu we wanted to eat.” 

The menu features four staple sandwiches, including the pepperoni, salami, ham and provolone “Italian-ish” sub and classic meatball, both of which are served on an Amoroso’s roll from Pennsylvania. For hot dogs, Dowling and Schenzel will start with four: classic, chorizo and chili, “Mama’s Dawg” with tomatoes and carrot slaw and the vegan “Curry Dawg-ish,” made with chickpeas. 

Dallas Thomas is the branding specialist for Daps and Mama’s Boys | Provided

According to Schenzel, making Mama’s Boys a “ghost kitchen” will provide him and Dowling a creative outlet outside of breakfast hours. 

“Daps has always been a great outlet for a lot of those ideas, but we sometimes feel that breakfast limited us in some capacities,” he said. “When we felt that our list of sandwich projects was getting out of control, we started looking at launching something else. Hence, Mama’s Boys.” 

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