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If you’re a country radio listener like I am, chances are you’re going to hear the new Darius Rucker track “Homegrown Honey” at some point this week. The new single, released yesterday, is classic feel-good Rucker. It might also be the first time in the history of country music that a singer used the line “You’re so money.”

You can stream the whole song on Spotify, listen to part of it on Rucker’s website, or buy it on iTunes.

The track was co-written with help from Charles Kelley and producer Nathan Chapman of Lady Antebellum. It tells the story of Rucker “sitting in a bar in New York City” and spotting a Carolina gal in cowboy boots drinking straight whiskey. Rucker then launches into a classic ’90s pickup-line chorus:

I’ll bet the boys at home can’t leave you alone

You little homegrown honey, honey, honey

You’re so money, money, money

You got a country road Carolina soul

Baby you’re just so homegrown

My assessment? Honestly, I was never a big Hootie fan, but Rucker’s solo country career has won me over. He’s got that country drawl down pat without trying too hard, he’s consistently writing catchy summer anthems like this one, and he’s just a nice dude by all accounts. Get used to hearing this one, because it’ll be on the radio for a while.