I am so sick of idiots who graffiti walls defending what they do by calling themselves artists. That's like a guy saying the reason I raped that girl is that I'm overly passionate person. Or maybe I'll set up some amps and an electric guitar and wail outside your house- I'm giving a free concert- I'm an artist.

And some tagging crews in Los Angeles are starting to get violent. In the past two and a half years 4 people have been killed by crews protecting their “work.” Another has been stabbed, one shot in the chest, and some of these highly skilled artisans spray painted a six year old boy in the eyes, temporarily blinding him. Was that art too? Was his face their newest canvas.

Artists throughout time have tested societies boundaries, and have faced censorship along the way. And thoughtful, open minded people have to fight forces in our society who would limit self expression because the work is deemed offensive or crude. Cartoonists in Denmark had to fear for their lives because Islamic Fascist Idiot Nut Jobs were offended by a drawing of Mohammad. Those are brave souls who deserve to be called artists. George Carlin for getting arrested after a stand up comedy performance, that people freely paid for and chose to see, that is an artist pushing the envelope. And how dare some young pathetic punks spray bubble letters on the side of walls and put themselves in that same company. They're vandals. And just like I can't break into your house and start telling you jokes, you can't spray my walls and call yourself an artist.