I took a Greyhound Bus this weekend. I got there a half hour before my bus was leaving. I looked around for an information center, to tell me what gate my bus was departed from but to no avail. I asked a lady who worked there and she simply lifted her arm and pointed “that way.” Which way? Somewhere over there. Thanks.

I had to wait in an information line simply to find out where my bus was leaving. That means they were taking someone off the ticket line or some other Greyhound function to act more or less as a human sign. So she told me that my bus to Scranton was leaving downstairs from gate 61 and proceeded to chide me for being late. I was shocked. Are you telling me my slight tardiness is most egregious act committed by the all the riders of the Greyhound bus system. This is Greyhound- this is how murderers get around, and you're mad at me?

So I got down stairs and waited in line. I waited next to another information booth and there was an old man sitting inside talking on the phone and looking angry and confused. People would come up to the booth to ask him questions and he treated all of them with a potent mixture of hatred and contempt. I was really angry at his lack of caring, but then I realized- who the hell are we? We're riding Greyhound. We have no leverage at all. I mean, what else are we going to do? Walk? In riding Greyhound we've told the world we have no money, no car, little if any self respect, and absolutely no other transportation options. Sure we could go home and write a letter? But seriously, if you had your act together enough to go home and write a complaint letter that was well worded and persuasive enough to actually get something done, chances are you'd have a job and wouldn't be riding Greyhound.

Greyhound should take it all the way. Change their slogan from “Leave the Driving to Us” to “We'll get there when we get there.”