[image-1]Starting this Sat. Oct. 28, David Schuttenberg (formerly of Wise Buck and Fish) will be posting up at The Daily every Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. to midnight with his new Sichuan concept, Kwei Fei.

Named after Yang Kwei Fei, an 8th century consort of Tang Dynasty Emperor Xuanzong, the pop-up will feature a menu of “consciously sourced ingredients incorporating local vegetables, meats, noodles, rice, and of course, chilies. Balancing flavors; sweet, sour, hot, bitter, and fragrant. Serving family style for friends to pass and share their experience with each other.” Order up everything from lamb dumplings to chicken wings to Sichuan beef, and glasses of white or red wine and bottles of brew.

Check out the full menu below.[pdf-1]