Ben Gibbard left fans in the dark last night during the Chvrches/Death Cab for Cutie concert at Volvo Car Stadium when he stormed off stage mid-song.

The frontman had performed most of “Soul Meets Body” off 2015’s Plans when he erupted in what many have called a temper tantrum, throwing his guitar aside, knocking the mic stand down, and stomping off stage.

Immediately following the incident, two men were escorted from the crowd, leading to speculation that Gibbard was somehow provoked, and Consequence of Sound reported today that fans on the front row were “throwing things at him.” Later reports say Gibbard was distracted by an unruly few who tried to start a moshpit as well as a fight.

But Death Cab for Cutie’s rep at Atlantic Records tells us Gibbard was having “technical difficulties due to rain and humidity.” 

Gibbard returned to the stage after only about a minute to end the show, though he did not acknowledge the episode.

Update: Concertgoer Justin Yates recalls Gibbard apologizing for the “hasty exit.” 

Watch what went down here: 

Thanks to YouTube user jasonteknut for catching it all on film. 

Here’s another version from Justin Yates.