Did anyone follow the delinquent tax sale this week? Over 1,400 properties were taken from people not due to greedy corporations, but a greedy government. If you saw Moore’s film, you saw a number of people being evicted from their homes for failing to pay their mortgage. But whether someone loses their home because they didn’t pay their mortgage or they didn’t pay their property taxes, the end result is the same. So how can one be morally justified whereas another is not?
But the really reprehensible thing about property taxes is that they guarantee that you never really own your home. Whereas you can pay the bank off and free yourself from any obligation, you can never pay off the government. They’ll keep demanding money from you until you die or can’t pay anymore, at which point they’ll take your house out from under you and sell it to the highest bidder.
But I’m sure the people who lost their homes this year are nonetheless pleased with those wonderful services that government is providing them with their money…

-Confused libertarian