Charleston Republicans, apparently bitter that the rival circus has come to town instead of their own clown car, will be hosting a Democratic debate watching party at 7 p.m. Monday at the Mt. Pleasant T-Bonz to “act as the ‘truth squad’ for liberal Democrat posturing.”

 That’s the tame part, the rest of the release makes it look like we’re fighting over the Cooper River.

Charleston will not be a sanctuary city for ‘cut and run’ Democrats” says Lin Bennett, Chairman of the Charleston County Republican Party. “The fact that the Democrats are meeting at the Citadel, a military college, would be humorous if it weren’t so serious. The American people will see through this hypocrisy. Republicans will not let them pull off this stunt easily. “

Republicans and conservatives are invited to join us for this opportunity to keep guard over the latest liberal fantasies of the Democratic National Party. Please come and hear the debate, watch the candidates and join the Charleston County Republican party as we take up the mantel of fact checkers and the reality posse.

The “reality posse”? I thought Bennett said this was serious.