A lot of people start publicizing their opening date way before they can realistically nail one down. For instance, Republic Reign had a “Premiering Spring 2012” sign on their doors for months, and then spring came and went. Then a “Premiering Summer 2012” sign showed up, but then summer came and went. And so did the fall. They thought for sure they’d be open by now. They even had a New Year’s Eve party planned, but that didn’t happen. A couple days after Christmas I walked by to see a gutted patio. So, it looks like maybe later this month, or maybe Spring 2013? Let’s hope for their pocketbook’s sake that it’s sooner rather than later.

Another long delayed spot is the Craftsmen Kitchen and Tap House, which had hopes for a July opening. It seems the same old story of construction and permitting issues. We heard they were gunning for a 12-12-12 debut, but now it’s looking like perhaps the end of this month.

The next one to open, we predict, will be Rutledge Cab Co., Bob Carter’s restaurant on Rutledge Avenue in the Wagener Terrace neighborhood. We spoke with Carter before Christmas and he said they were ready to open but weren’t sure they would do it before the holidays. Apparently, they decided to wait, but we expect this hotly anticipated neighborhood restaurant to open any day. Perhaps you might see some activity if you drive by tonight? Hmm. Who knows?