Or so claims Newt Gingrich about Sen. Jim DeMint’s new book, “Saving Freedom: We can stop America’s slide into socialism.”

We’ll see. I bought the book a few days back, but then this Sanford and Jacko thing one-two’ed me into a state of delirious punch-drunkeness and I just stumbled from screen to screen until I was down for the count. (Wow, that sentence didn’t make a lick of sense. You’d think I was offering some kind of explanation about my love of the Appalachian Trail.)

On Friday July 3, the DeMinted one will be in Chucktown to sign copies of “Saving Freedom” at the Costco in West Ashley starting at 4 p.m. I seriously doubt I’ll be able to make it. But I might. Look for the white guy, the one about 50 years old, the golf shirt, and the close-cropped hair. That would be me.