On Sunday morning’s “This Week,” ABC put two nice-enough CEOs in the middle of a stimulus battle between Sen. Jim DeMint and Congressman Barney Frank.

Jim DeMint says we do need to do something with the economy. Move the economy forward and create jobs by leaving money in the private sector. Let’s try to remember Jim, these are the same people in the private sector who plunk $20 down for the Snuggie.

Frank fought back: “We need to fix highways and bridges. I’ve never seen a tax cut fix a bridge. I’ve never seen a tax cut give us public transportation.” Marry me, Barney. (No, wait, we can’t.) “It’s possible to have too much government. But it’s possible to have too little.”

The best moment was when the camera panned to a confused DeMint as Frank told him that tax cuts don’t improve education.

In my mind, the trophy goes to Frank. Both men were “on message,” but Frank was on the right message. Instead of talking about tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts (a plan that the American people obviously abandoned in November), DeMint should have focused on what can actually pull in support from average voters — spending on things that don’t make much sense in this particular package, like sex ed and sod.