The D.C. Examinier looked at Congressional offices and their holiday trimmings and found that almost everyone was skimping on the holiday cheer in these tough financial times — but not Sen. Jim DeMint.

The office of Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., is one of the few on Capitol Hill we spoke with boasted of their office decorations, making sure that we knew of their 15-foot tree (Real? “Of course!”) and wreaths on every door. His staff admits, however, that the economy played a role in their downsized decor.

It’s toenails in comparison this year,” a DeMint spokeswoman told us. “Last year we had a decorations war with Senator [Jeff] Sessions’ office across the hall, complete with model trains and people dressed as elves and Santa. But with the economic downturn, we had to scale it back a bit.”