Big Dem News:

• Local Robert Barber is stepping into the comptroller general race.

• Neither Dick Withington nor Robert Dobbs will challenge Robert Burton in the 1st Congressional District primary. Ben Frasier has filed. We’re sure Burton isn’t taking this challenge for granted, but Linda Ketner easily bested Frasier in the 2008 primary.

• Where are the Democrats? Statehouse races have Democrats defending their turf, but no Charleston County challengers for local GOP seats.

Here’s the Democratic lists, with primary battles in bold.

Gov: Robert Ford, Jim Rex, Vincent Sheheen
Lt. Gov.: Ashley Cooper
Superintendent of Education: Frank Holleman, Tom Thompson
Attorney General: Matthew Richardson
Comptroller General: Robert Barber
Commissioner of Agriculture: Tom E. Elliott
Secretary of State: Marjorie L. Johnson
U.S. Senate: Alvin M. Greene, Vic Rawl
U.S. House District 1: Robert D. Burton, Ben Frasier
U.S. House District 6: Gregory Brown, James E. “Jim” Clyburn

Charleston County
County Council District 5: Teddie Pryor Sr.
County Council District 8: Rev. Charles Glover, Anna B. Johnson, Eric L. Mack, Richmond Truesdale Jr., Parris Williams, Karen Hollionshead Brown
County Council District 9: Amy Fabri
Statehouse District 109: David Mack III
Statehouse District 111: Wendell G. Gilliard
Statehouse District 113: J. Seth Whipper
Statehouse District 115: Anne Peterson Hutto
Statehouse District 116: Robert L. Brown, Benjamin Ward Jr.
Statehouse District 119: Leon Stavrinakis