I couldn’t find an Alvin Greene yard sign (or action figure, for that matter), but other Democrats on the statewide ballot were in Charleston this afternoon to rally base supporters in the last push before Election Day.

Gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen sounded more hopeful, than confident, but he defiantly has had momentum at his back for the past month as the polls have tightened. He again focused on bringing trust and leadership back to the governor’s office.

“We’re tired of being the butt of late-night jokes and we won’t be after tomorrow,” he said.

Ashley Cooper, the Democrat running for lieutenant governor; Robert Barber, the local restaurateur running for Comptroller General; and secretary of state candidate Marjorie Johnson also talked about the honor and integrity missing from state office holders.

“Together, we’re going to put South Carolina on the news for all the right reasons,” said Cooper.

Greene wasn’t the only candidate in a high-profile race who was missing. Congressional candidate Ben Frasier was also absent. Meanwhile, Chef Nathalie Dupree, a write-in candidate for U.S. Senate, and Rob Groce, the Working Families Party candidate for the 1st Congressional District, where also at the event shaking hands and looking for last-minute support.

While the crowd of a few dozen was small, Charleston County Democratic Party Chairman George Tempel encouraged the crowd to get home and do some campaigning of their own.

“We’re the committed,” he told them. “Go tell a friend.”