Demolition work has begun at Buist Academy, with construction crews tearing up the concrete sidewalk in front of the school’s Calhoun Street facade.

As we reported last week, the Charleston County School District was set to begin demolition work at the three “seismically unsafe” schools, Buist, Memminger Elementary, and Charleston Progressive Academy. So far, there is no word on whether demolition work has begun at the Memminger and Charleston Progressive.

According to Jason Sakran, the district has submitted all the necessary paperwork for the permitting process. He adds that Memminger and Charleston Progressive will be totally demolished, while Buist will only be partially so.

The total cost of the demolition process is $2.8 million, with Memminger costing $870,970, Charleston Progressive $1,481,400, and Buist $472,147.

The school district is working with the city of Charleston to address any traffic concerns the demolition process might create.

The work at Buist is expected to last 120 days, finishing up around Oct. 15, while Memminger is scheduled for 150 and Charleston Progressive at 158. The latter two projects should be finished by Nov. 15 and Nov. 30, respectively.