[image-1]With little fanfare, Police Chief Greg Mullen exited the Charleston Police Station for his final time ahead of the department, bringing to an end his 35 years in law enforcement.

Appointed chief of police in Charleston in 2006, Mullen previously served with the Virginia Beach Police Department and the United States Air Force. Mullen’s retirement was announced in June. At that time, Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg commended the departing police chief for his “professionalism, dignity, compassion, and grace” on the job and announced a national search for Mullen’s replacement.

Deputy Chief Jerome Taylor, a Navy veteran with 40 years in law enforcement, has been named as the interim police chief until a permanent replacement is selected.

Making his way from the police station Monday morning, Mullen was flanked by two rows of saluting officers. He took little time to pause for congratulations on his retirement or thanks for his time as chief. Instead, Mullen made a hasty march for his awaiting police escort, leaving behind a brief comment: “I’m very proud of my department.”