Local musician Derek Cribb will be playing an amalgam of creative covers and original songs at LoLA restaurant in Park Circle Tuesday, accompanied by John Picard (of Well Charged and Operation Irie) on the drums. As a duo, the two musicians call themselves JP/DC. 

Cribb, an original founder of band Sol Driven Train, has been writing and performing music in the local scene for years, though he took a break from Charleston in the early 2000s when he relocated to L.A. with his brothers Rik and Billy Cribb to focus on their band, The Cribb. The group released an album called Theo Wilson Square.

Now back in Charleston, Cribb likes to showcase a blend of genres and musical stylings.“It’s like a mix between everything from Bob Marley to Bob Dylan,” Cribb said.

But don’t expect the classic radio hits from well-known artists: “ I don’t really play all of the popular stuff that most of the cover musicians around play. I like to take the B-side tracks from the artists that I mentioned earlier. I want to be creative with the covers that I choose to play. It makes it fun,” he said.

After stealing listeners’ attention with some intriguing covers, Cribb will throw his original songs into the mix. The tracks he has written are influenced by classic rock, folk and reggae. “I’m a huge reggae fan. Growing up here on Sullivan’s Island, I think I got the island bite.”

He’s looking forward to sharing the tunes at LoLA. The Park Circle restaurant is known for Cajun and Creole food, serving up crawfish and shrimp boils.

“[It’s] one of my favorite gigs. John accompanies me on drums. I do a bunch of loops, [so] I can layer in a bass track. Sounds like a full band even though it’s just two people.That’s always a lot of fun,” said Cribb.

The series begins Tuesday, 5-8 p.m. and will run every week. The music will be outside, but the venue has a tent  — so music lovers don’t need to worry about a show being cancelled due to weather.