There’s nothing more American than watching baseball and sipping sweet tea on Independence Day. And when that tea is infused with vodka, it’s even better. The Charleston RiverDogs and Firefly creators Jim Irvin and Scott Newitt teamed up to create the ultimately Southern American experience at the Joe, with a good game and plenty of the sweet stuff to go around. The combo garnered swarms of patriotic fans, nearly 8,000 of whom showed up in red, white, and blue to cheer on their team. By Sunday, tickets were standing room only, reportedly the third largest attendance for the holiday game.

Taylor Graves was crowned the new Firefly Home TEAm Girl, and was given the ceremonial honor of throwing out the first pitch. To the blonde beauty’s delight, her throw made it to the pitcher’s glove — a feat she later confessed was her primary goal for the evening.

Despite a few impressive runs, the ’Dogs were unable to trump the opposing Asheville Tourists. Slade Heathcott made an impressive inside-the-park home run at the bottom of the eighth, bringing the score within one run to 5-4.

In the end, the red-clad RiverDogs took a sad L with a 6-4 score at the end of the ninth. No one seemed too bothered by the loss, however, as the best fireworks show in town ended the night.