Columbia electro-pop act Devereaux (W. Heyward Sims) recently released a strangely satisfying video of seagulls flying on the beach for his Charleston-inspired track, “Bikini.”

Off Devereaux’s most recent album Pineapple Flex, “Bikini” received praise from Vice, who said the single is “hot like a single drop of perspiration slinking its way between a lady’s cleavage.”

Though the song’s inspiration appears to be a “sex-soaked week” at Folly Beach in 2001, Sims decided against putting boobs in the video, he says. Instead, he consulted a friend, director @rotarychicken.

“He was like, ‘Duh, put a bird on it, you fucking moron,’” Sims says. “A bottle of Patrón later, the erudite fowl and I had serendipitously stumbled upon the actual meaning of life within this petite yet tastefully jocular snapshot of coastal wildlife. You know, smooth like Reggie Miller in an airborne freeze-frame.”

To find out what that the flying fuck that means, view the video here or below.