Devon Allman’s Honeytribe

Thurs. July 9

The Windjammer

So maybe Devon Allman is riding the coattails of his father a bit, but that doesn’t mean the dude can’t rock, too. Last night, Devon Allman’s Honeytribe put on a serious show at The Windjammer — sad part was, there wasn’t much of a crowd there to rock out for. Around 10 p.m., when the show was set to start, there were maybe two-dozen people hovering around the bar. Forty-five minutes later, when the guys finally came on, the crowd had barely doubled.

Gabriel Strange, the drummer, started tapping out a beat and George Potsos picked up the bass. Wondering where Devon was, I turned to see a flash of blonde hair blow past me as the son of a legend casually strolled on stage. I knew then the guy obviously has rock in his blood, and the skills he laid out on the guitar only furthered my hunch. (Did I mention he stuck his gum on the mic stand and spit on the stage? True rocker fashion).

By the third song, Devon was shredding the neck of the instrument and his vocals were coming out in perfect pitch. Not being a native of the South, I wasn’t raised on Southern rock, but I knew this was the real deal. Mixing their full sound with a tight jam-band vibe, the guys really started to take off, even throwing in a couple songs from Devon’s dad’s band, along with a Bruce Springsteen number.

A few highlights included a version of “Midnight Rider” and “You Are My Light” (which went out to all the ladies) — both crowd-pleasers with lengthy instrumental jams. The numbers even got a few bold — or maybe just sauced — audience members dancing in full swing by the edge of the stage. So yeah, these guys put on a solid show, but they still seem to be a band overshadowed. (