Earlier this year the Charleston Animal Society launched a special program for their shelter dogs: Paws Around Town. The program is designed for folks who aren’t quite ready to adopt or even foster a dog, but who would love to help out our four-legged friends.

Paws Around Town gives shelter doggos the opportunity to go on a field trip (is your heart fully melting yet or is that just us) and spend time with people. After each trip you can fill out a “report card” on your pal so the Animal Society can learn a bit more about each pup’s personality.

The best part? You get to show off your new pal in town and on social media, spreading awareness about the loveable animals who need homes.

If you’re interested you first need to sign up online to become a foster. The Animal Society will take it from there.

Learn about all CAS volunteer opportunities online at charlestonanimalsociety.org.