[image-1]He can wail on acoustic guitar. He can pump the hell out of a Fender bass. He can sing all the lyrics to any Little River Band, The Outlaws, ZZ Top, Greg Kihn, or Benny Mardones request. He can mumble weird announcements over the mic and crack up the drunks during a Diesel Brothers performance — and do the same during a fill-in gig with the Hed Shop Boys and Spunjwurthi. But can he cut it as an actual stand-up comedian?

Charleston musician and songwriter Don Polk (a.k.a. “Donnie Diesel”) give it a go for only his second time (officially) this Sun. July 15 at the Windjammer during the Windjammer Comedy Night, alongside Brian Shirley, Dave Ugly, and emcee Rocky D (of the WTMA 1250 talk show “Radio Free Rocky D”).

Will he work from a strictly “knock-knock jokes” foundation? Naahhh … “This is only my second attempt at stand-up,” says Polk. “The first one I did was a ‘Comedy Free with Kenny Z’ and it was a blast. Doing stand-up was one of my ‘big three’ things I’d like to do before I die. The other two were to do the weather — which I did one day on Lowcountry Live — and to do a cartoon voice … that hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still waiting for Seth McFarland to call any day now.” The gig starts at 9 p.m. Cover is five frogskins. Har har har. No, seriously.