I’m still letting True Grit simmer in my mind after last night’s screening, in preparation for a review for next week’s issue of CP.

Not going to lie: I didn’t love it. I liked it, and it had its moments. In a very odd way, I think it’s possibly the most heartwarming film the Coen Brothers have ever made. I think the trailer made it out to be darker than it actually was.

But I didn’t leave the Terrace thinking “OMG that was a masterpiece!” Though I may just be saving that energy for Black Swan, which opens at the Terrace this Friday. Felicia Feaster has an awesome review of it in the issue released today, or you can read it online here.

We also have new reviews of The Fighter (which was positive) and Tron: Legacy (which was not so positive). So you can check out those while you anxiously await my review. Which I know you are.