[image-1] The fourth edition of Le Diner en Blanc Charleston swarmed Liberty Square on Friday, bringing with it almost 700 diners who spent the evening noshing on gourmet food and swilling red, white, and rose.

As usual, Diner en Blanc guests went all out, donning full white outfits (kudos to the guys who found white pants), flower crowns, inventive head gear. The precision with which the Diner en Blanc group leaders led the crowds into the square and helped them set up their tables was impressive and in less than 30 minutes the place was packed, as if long rows of white tables and chairs had been there all along.
[image-4] While some guests proudly brought big balloons — the kind, even, with confetti floating inside — park rangers quickly informed revelers that those balloons would need to be deflated and carefully removed. Why? They could float away into the water, polluting the environments of sea creatures (the S.C. Aquarium is right next to the park).

The evening began with music from the Masker Trio featuring Aisha, followed by DJ Ede, who steadily pumped throwback tunes, bringing lots of guests to the dance floor.

Stay tuned for deets on next year’s dinner.

Ed note: One of the event’s co-hosts, CP advertising director Blair Barna, is involved in Diner en Blanc’s production independently of City Paper. [image-2]