Looking to cool off in this scorching heat? Try DIPT NYC clothing — the brand counts ice cream among its biggest inspirations. The streetwear company splits its time between Charleston and the Lower East Side of New York City, with both cities influencing its products.

DIPT NYC creator The Ice Cream Man finds inspiration everywhere he looks. “I am not a savant by any means, but the inspirations and designs are all around us … I may see something which inspires me and it may conceive a full concept, but many times it is a mix of things from here or there that culminate into a specific thought, design, or feeling,” he says.

On June 21, the company released its Summer X Collection, which includes three graphic T-shirts with vibrantly colored logos created from hand drawn designs. They’re $24 a pop and are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. The company also offers a $20 Haiti Relief Effort T-shirt, with 50 percent of the proceeds donated to the relief effort of your choice.

Future plans for the brand include placement in additional boutiques, as well as collaborations with several well-known brands across the country.