Last summer a jury voted in favor of the family of CofC grad Sarah Jones, who was killed on the set of Gregg Allman biopic, Midnight Rider to receive compensation from railroad owner CSX Transportation. Jones was killed on Feb. 20, 2014 when a train came down the track at 55 mph, injuring six other crew members. CSX argued that fault lay with the filmmakers, including director Randall Miller, who served a year in jail after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespassing charges.

Today, deadline.com reports that Miller was denied having his supervision removed by the judge overseeing the case. In his decision Judge Anthony Harrison wrote, “For Miller’s sentence to continue to have the meaning both Sarah’s family and the Court intended it have, Miller’s probation must remain supervised.”

Miller’s attorneys say that the restrictions placed on him by the judge leave him “unemployed and unemployable in the movie industry.” On Feb. 21 Miller’s attorneys met with Richard and Elizabeth Jones, parents of Sarah, where they argued that allowing Miller to return to his previous lifestyle would “lighten the message to the industry that this kind of behavior will have consequences.”