Users of the popular anonymous message board app Yik Yak, angry over over a post by Post and Courier social media columnist Andy Paras, used the social networking app to call out the P&C reporter for writing about Citadel cadets who reportedly used the app to set up a “riot” on campus late Thursday night.

In his post, Paras detailed alleged organizing by Citadel cadets who were angry over disciplinary measures, including postings that encouraged students at the military school to dress in full uniform for a “riot” at “2230”, 10:30 P.M., on Thursday night. The purported riot never happened, according to Paras.

From calling reporting at the state’s largest daily paper “butt clusters” to telling the venerable Southern paper of record to “eat a dick,” there wasn’t much constructive discussion about Paras’ reporting among local Yak-ers on Friday.

We took a few minutes to highlight some select extra saucy clusters of wisdom taking jabs at our colleagues on King St. After all, they did post them for all of us to see, right?