Food tourism is not a joke. And food businesses that cater to the food tourist and the hungry local have been cropping up all over the place. The latest is Dishcrawl, which takes participants to four restaurants in one night, with chefs waiting on you tableside.

Described as a “culinary adventure,” the philosophy behind Dishcrawl is one that combines socializing with fellow food lovers and tasting the best dishes of neighborhood restaurants. Similar to a pub crawl, this guided tour will lead diners to four restaurants around East Bay, adding depth to their knowledge of some of Charleston’s better-known restaurants.

Dishcrawls have taken place in San Francisco, New York, Montreal, and other cities around the States. Alyssa Lepow, the Dishcrawl Ambassador for Charleston, felt bringing the event to the area was long overdue. “Charleston is a culinary hub,” she says. “There are so many great restaurants that are all close in walking distance.”

Lepow wouldn’t reveal the names of the restaurants just yet, but she assures us that the $39 price tag will be well worth it. Usually at Dishcrawls in other cities, chefs will prepare a trio of small, 2-3 oz. dishes that showcase the restaurant’s favorites. That way, Dishcrawlers can try an array of dishes at each restaurant and walk away with a sense of the host’s signature plates. “We want to make the event community oriented,” says Lepow. “The chefs will tell the story behind the dish, not just present the food.” Lepow also has plans to appearances by the restaurant owners, who will share the restaurants’ stories.

Drinks are not included in the ticket price and will be for sale (cash only). Be sure to buy your ticket soon, as the number of participants is limited to 40. The event takes place on Nov. 14. Visit for more information or to purchase a ticket. You can also follow the event on Twitter (@DishcrawlChas) where Lepow will give hints about the Dishcrawl’s stops over then next couple weeks.