[image-1]Distil Union founders Nate Justiss, Adam Printz and Lindsay Windham started their Wally line of leather wallets in February of 2013, when their Kickstarter fund for the new product reached its goal in just four days. The Wallys are handmade from Argentine leather with
a focus on convenience and clarity of design.

Now there’s a new member of the Wally family: it’s called the Duo, and it’s the first reversible design from the company. “The goal is to be slim and minimalist in design,” says Jenny Ferrara of Obviouslee Marketing. “The full size of it is less than half of what a normal wallet would be.”

The wallet can easily go from brown to black, and can hold two to 10 cards along with folded cash. One of the coolest features is the pull tab design, which ejects the wallet’s contents without having to unfold anything.

The Duo is $39.99 and can be purchased at distilunion.com.