There has been some confusion about Representative-elect Anne Peterson Hutto’s role while the election challenge from former member Wallace Scaroborough works its way through committee.

First, a little breaking news: The House is expected to receive the official word from the Secretary of State on Hutto’s certified win within the next 24 hours. The House clerk’s office says she should be sworn in following the official notification and she will be a full voting member of the House — with committee asaignments, an office, an immediate distaste for anything “Sanford,” and all the rest of that stuff.

Scarborough’s petition will work its way through the committee process, first in the Election Laws Subcommittee and then the Judiciary Committee. If it makes it to the full House, it will likely come with one of two recommendations: that the House preserve Hutto’s win or that no winner can be clearly determined (Scarborough is not requesting that he be immedietly placed as the winner, though that would be a third option).

If the House decides that there is no clear winner, the seat becomes vacant. Hutto would be striped of the seat and a brand new election would be called. We know at least one regular reader of this blog who will be excited at the opportunity.

House Clerk Charles Reid says that he has not found an example in modern history where the House has overrulled an election — and he’s been looking.