Sending a handwritten note to a friend or loved one is always a thoughtful gesture, but mailing it in a handmade envelope will make that moment they open their letter even more special. You can make envelopes and liners from materials you find in your own home, whether an old magazine, wrapping paper, or a favorite photograph.

Materials Needed

• Scraps of decorative paper at least 8 x 9 inches in size (text-weight paper works best)

• Glue stick or double-sided tape

• Razor knife

• Self-healing mat

• Straight edge

• Bone folder

• Envelope and liner templates (can be found online or purchased at Paper Source)


1. Choose your paper and position the envelope template size of your choosing onto the backside of your paper. Keep in mind how the paper will look folded when you trace your template.

2. Trace the outer edges lightly with a pencil while holding the template in place.

3. Remove template and cut along the pencil lines.

4. Fold in the side two flaps of the envelope. Next fold up the bottom flap and adhere to the two side flaps using a glue stick or double-sided tape.

5. Take your envelope liner template and repeat steps one through three.

6. Slide liner into envelope. Leave a border that is even on the top flap. That is where you will close your envelope.

7. Turn over envelope. Fold the flap of the envelope back and use a glue stick or double-sided tape around the outer edge of the reverse side of the inner flap only. 8. Turn back over to secure and adhere the liner to the envelope, using a bone folder if necessary for a crisp edge. If feeling gutsy, spray paint clear vellum with neon paint and dust with glitter while still wet for that added punch of color and glam.

As the stationery director at Polka Dot Papers, Bonnie Lynch works with brides and customers to design their wedding invitation ensembles and personalized stationery. She and her husband Adam enjoy decorating their new home in Park Circle.