Credit: Seth G

DJ DollaMenu just followed up his new album, Care Package, with the bass heavy single, “Luv 2 Nite,” embedding house and dubstep fragments with his signature inventiveness.  

As an open-format DJ, he aims to be as diverse as possible with his sets by listening to anything and everything, which has contributed to his eclectic sound as a rap artist. He’s been influenced by everything from electronic dance music to reggaeton to dancehall, and lately he’s been into pop group HAIM, ‘90s rhythm and blues like Sounds of Blackness and Angie Stone, house artist James Hype and Latin trap like Bad Bunny and Tokischa.

For years he’s been collaborating heavily with local producers Currysauce, Jerry Feels Good and Dbl Crwn, who all contributed to Care Package

“I’m super optimistic about stuff. When all that happened, like COVID and everything, I just didn’t focus on it. I’m big on — it sounds weird — living in your own reality. That’s how Care Package came about.”

The album came together during a time where stimulus checks were being issued, and DollaMenu was posting funny collections of memes and videos on social media, what he called “Coronavirus care packages.”

“I did that to keep people out of that mindset that ‘Oh the world sucks, I can’t go outside.’ I was trying to get people in the headspace of ‘Not all of it is bad.’ You can still laugh. It’s okay to make jokes about whatever situation.”

After spending six months in Los Angeles to promote his music, he realized that everything he needed was already in Charleston. 

“All the artists show love to each other. People are pulling up to someone’s hardcore show or rap show or to see someone’s band play and support each other. You don’t see that everywhere. And people are doing stuff low-key with bigger collaborations. Charleston has been doing things under the radar.”