Writer, TV show host, and Top Chef guest judge Anthony Bourdain will be coming to the North Charleston Performing Arts Center on Fri. Nov. 12.

The show is an off-the-cuff riff from Bourdain who generally talks for 45 minutes to an hour. “And then I open the floor to questions,��� he says. “So much counts on the questions. If it’s a good audience, if the questions are confrontational or unexpected, or something completely out of left field, that can really change the night. People can ask anything they want. So those nights that have been strange and weird and unanticipated are ones where I get good questions.���

So put your thinking caps on Charleston, and do us proud. Just don’t ask stupid, embarrassing questions that get asked all the time like: “What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten?��� (so trite). “Want to come over to my house for dinner?��� (cringe-worthy). “Where will you be eating while you’re in town?��� (as if he’d tell you and insult every chef whose place doesn’t get the nod).

Instead of baloney Today-show questions, go Barbara Walters on him. Read his books, find one of his blistering rants, one that mortally attacks your special place and challenge him on it. He’ll love every minute of it.

Tickets for the show are on sale now at Ticketmaster. The $200 VIP pass includes an on-stage reception after the show with food from Maverick Kitchens and drinks from Firefly. Maverick is giving away tickets at their restaurants. Enter to win each time you dine at Old Village Post House, SNOB, or High Cotton, and for every purchase you make at Charleston Cooks! Winners will be drawn the week of Nov. 5