I was driving back from the bank just a bit ago, listening to 1250 WTMA. Rocky D was on, and he was on a rant about bums. It was during this rant that Rocky D made a shocking assertion: Wild Irish Rose has formaldehyde in it. And just so you know he wasn’t talking out of his ass, Rocky claimed he once read the list of ingredients for a bottle of Wild Irish Rose himself. So this was purportedly the honest to God truth, or so the rat-tailed wearing Confederate farb would have you believe.

Well, I decided to look into this alleged tidbit to see if Rocky was on the up and up.

And according to Michael Martin, vice president of communications for Constellations Wine, the maker of Wild Rose, Rocky D is not. Martin says that there is no formaldehyde in Wild Irish Rose. 

Oh, Rocky. When will you ever learn?