609e/1243966609-32921847.jpgThat’s according to a Spoleto spokesperson. The opening of Basil Twist’s Dogugaeshi on Saturday was marred a bit by bad seating. The festival had arranged the ad-hoc venue to feature two rows of chairs per riser. The result was a lot of leaning and craning and trying to get a good view of the shadow box theater on the other side of the room. Complaints were such that terrific ushers did whatever they could. Some people were re-seated while others were given red pillows to sit on. At one point it became a little comical. If a person was sitting on two pillows, the person behind her was sitting on three, and the person sitting behind that person on four, and so on. It reminded me of a Dr. Seuss story in which a Turtle King who wants to rule all that he surveys stacks up turtles higher and higher until it becomes absurd. Fortunately, I’m told, the problem has been addressed. There is now only one row of chairs per riser, instead of two. And the sight lines, which were pretty awful if you were in a bad seat, have been fixed too. I hope so. Twist’s Dogugaeshi is magical. It would be a shame if mere seating prevented it from gaining a wide audience.